Useful hacks for Academia and Student to download research papers and articles


There are many chrome extensions which work in tandem with many websites to help any research to pursue his dream of making big in this little word.

  1. Unpaywall: Read research papers for free.

This Chrome Extension is

Legal, fair, and sustainable

Millions of research papers are available for free on government and university web servers, legally uploaded by the authors themselves, with the express permission of publishers. Unpaywall automatically harvests these freely shared papers from thousands of legal institutional repositories, preprint servers, and publishers, making them all available to you as you read.


2.  Open Access Button: Request for Research Papers to authors Directly.

This Chrome Extension helps in

Avoid Paywalls, Request Data.

Open Access Button search thousands of public repositories, and if the article is not in any of them they send a request to the author to make the paper publicly available to them. The more people try to find an article through them, the more requests an author gets. You can search for articles/papers directly from their page, or download their browser extension.


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